College VS The Trades and Working Remote VS Location Dependent Work

April 06, 2021 Jeff Wistinghausen II Season 1 Episode 6
College VS The Trades and Working Remote VS Location Dependent Work
Show Notes

This weeks guest is a long time and well accomplished friend of mine Michael Gramlich. To give a brief and limited summary of his racing accolades would have to include becoming the IHRA Div 3 Jr. Dragster Champion in 2004, Division 3 super street divisional race winner in his first attempt,  and being a multi-time track champion in a multitude of classes. Off of the racing surface he has obtained a bachelors degree in mechanical engineering technology from the University of Toledo, and is a lean six sigma blackbelt?? If you haven't already, you're going to want to give this episode a listen as he details what that means before we begin to discuss the duality of our lives in regards to our education and our careers and how they intertwine with the sport we both enjoy.

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